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<3 Princess Peach And My Other Favorite Characters <3



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For RPCarly Shay Reuploaded by PrincessPeachFan100
For RPCarly Shay Reuploaded
I Reuploaded This Because A Jerk Just HAD TO SAY I DRAW LIKE A 7 YEAR OLD AND SAY ALL OTHER CRAP ABOUT THIS DRAWING! :X I'm Sorry, But I Hate when Idiots Say Hateful Stuff On My Drawings. :(
Re-blogged from iMeetAnimaniacs


Okay so umm... I needed to have some time to think this over and I really want to change the script... like I don't think I want the iCarly cast meeting up with any other cartoons except the Warners for time time being. Although it be funny if they met the rest of the Animaniacs cast. Unfortunately I think I want to scratch out the idea of Toon Town and just have it all about iCarly and Animaniacs.
To be honest I almost feel like cancelling this whole project because I don't think anyone is really interested. Most of them only care about Animaniacs and there hasn't been much updates on what is going on with the iCarly cast. Also since it is no longer Summer, this is a very bad time to even be focusing on the project because a lot of people are busy in real life. I totally understand that.
I'm more open to it being something like, "The Big 4."
Where its just a fan made group about your favorite characters in a team-like thing. I'm thinking about renaming it to Comedy Kidz. 
Please let me know what you think in the comments below. Also please copy and paste this blog if you are an iMeet Animaniacs member so everyone will be able to know about this blog.


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United States
((Since I Can't Create Another Roleplay Account For Mrs. Brisby, I Just Decided I'll Fit The Account On Here. :) )) Note: I'm Roleplaying As Mrs Brisby From The First Film NOT The Sequel. :)

Movies: "The Secret Of Nimh" "The Secret Of Nimh 2, Timothy To The Rescue"

Actresses: Elizabeth Hartman 1982 Film And Debi Mae West (1998 sequel)

Mrs. Brisby is the main protagonist in The Secret of NIMH. and a supporting character in the sequel. She is voiced by the late Elizabeth Hartman, which was proven to be her last role, as after this, she never acted again and her death occured five years later in 1987.


Mrs. Brisby was shy and timid through the beginning. She used to get scared real easy, especially by Dragon the cat and heights. But when Timothy became ill, she became willing to do anything to save him, even if it meant visiting the Great Owl and the rats of N.I.M.H. (The National Institute of Mental Health). She is also motherly because she has four children to take care of.

Role in film

She was first seen visiting Mr. Ages to get medicine for Timmy, whom just became ill by pneumonia. Along the way home, she meets Jeremy the crow, who was tangled in the strings. She warns him about Dragon the cat, but Jeremy wasn't taking her seriously until Dragon really shows up. While escaping the cat, Mrs. Brisby lost the medicine and falls into the water with Dragon. She soon climbed into the water mill and cried, but than was thrilled with relief when Jeremy shows up and gives her the medicine. As she started to walk home, Jeremy offered to fly her there, but the response is no, due to her fear of heights.

When she arrived home, she found Auntie Shrew throwing into a fit about the Brisby children and tells Mrs. Brisby to prepare to move her "very very odd family." As she serves Timmy the soup mixed with the medicine, she did the best she could to comfort the children to not worry. In the morning, the farmer started to plow the fields. Mrs. Brisby takes three of her children out of the house and tell them to go with Auntie Shrew while she tried to stop the plow, despite Shrew's protests. While she got onto the plow machine, she was soon frozen with fear, leaving Auntie Shrew to stop the machine herself. When the plow stopped, Mrs. Brisby and Auntie Shrew ran away into the grass, where Mrs. Brisby cried for her late husband, Jonathan. Auntie Shrew adviced her to go see the Great Owl, but Mrs. Brisby hesitated because she knew that owls eat mice. But she went anyway by riding on Jeremy's back despite her severe acrophobia (fear of heights). When the owl asked her why did she come, she tells him of Timmy and the plow. The owl refuses to help until he'd learned her name. Mrs. Brisby was surprised that the owl knows about Jonathan. The owl soon told her to go to see Nicodemus in the rose bush to help move her house to "the lee of the stone."

Mrs. Brisby went to the rose bush with Jeremy following her in disguise. Mrs. Brisby tells Jeremy to leave, but Jeremy refuses until she flirted him to go and watch over the children. She went inside, but was soon chased away by a rat (Brutus). She was relieved when she found Mr. Ages, who then has a broken leg, and had him take her to see Nicodemus. Along the way, she meets Justin, the captain of the guard, and it was hinted to the viewers that she might be developing a crush on him by the way she hesitated after she mumbled "beautiful" while looking at him and he said "ma'am?" She soon met the rest of the rats, who eventually agreed to help.

Soon after that, she finally meets Nicodemus, who told her all about her husband's heroism and how the rats of NIMH came to be. He gives her a beautiful red amulet that Jonathan had meant to give her and tells her of its powers. As they were leaving the hideout, she volunteer to drugged Dragon the cat tonight. Even though she's scared, she (with her cape off) puts the drug in Dragon's food and ran, but soon was captured by Billy, the farmer's son. Later that night, she overheard the farmer on the phone that NIMH's coming tomorrow. She eventually escaped and ran to warn the rats. She was soon attacked by Jenner, who tries to take the amulet, and watches the battle between Justin and Jenner.

As soon as the battle's over, she went over to comfort her children and learned that the concrete block is sinking down in the mud. The rats and Brisby tried to save it, with the children inside, but the ropes broke. Justin grabs her to save her from drowning, but she have to save her children. Suddenly, the amulet, and soon Mrs. Brisby herself, glows brightly red and rises the block to the lee of the stone. The next morning, she was getting her hands mended by Teresa and gives Jeremy, who just met a lady crow, an advice. When her children asks when they can go to Thorn Valley, she answers, "When you're older."

She didn't have much of a major role anymore in the sequel, she was seen saying goodbye to Timmy and telling him about Jonathan's legendary past. She is only seen again during the victory parade in the valley. To make matters worse, she wore robes and spectacles, as if she fell out of power. She was one of the best. She'll be missed.

Full name: Elizabeth Brisby

Personality: Motherly, caring, determined, kind, timid, sweet, shy, beautiful

Appearance : Slender copper mouse, blue eyes, red cape, barefoot

Home: The Lee of the Stone, New York City

Relatives: Teresa Brisby, Cynthia Brisby (daugthers), Martin Brisby, Timothy Brisby (sons), Jonathan Brisby (husband/deceased)

Allies Jeremy, The Great Owl, Justin, Mr. Ages, Nicodemus, Auntie Shrew, Sullivan, Fievel Mousekewitz

Minions: Jeremy

Enimies: Jenner, Sullivan (formerly), Dragon, Spider, the Fitzgibbons

Likes: her children, her husband

Dislikes: flying (sometimes), danger, her children in danger, predators, being accused of lying

Weapons: the amulet

Animaniacs Profile: :iconadorableplz::iconawkwardplz::iconawwwplz::iconbaibaiplz::iconblushplz::iconcblushplz::iconboredomplz::iconcomebackplz::iconcomeatmeplz::iconcomeoverhereplz::iconchocoloveplz::icondesperateplz::icondestroyplz::icondignitylaughplz::icondontunderstandplz::icondotdotdotzplz::iconembarrasedplz::iconfeelingfullplz::iconfinallyplz::icongreatjobplz::icongivingupplz::iconguaahplz::iconhappyhappyplz::iconhappyskipplz::iconhappytearsplz::iconheadacheplz::iconheavenlyplz::iconherotimeplz::iconkillitplz::iconinloveplz::iconimdeadplz::iconitscoldplz::iconitshotplz::iconlaughingplz::iconmiseryplz::iconnosebleedingplz::iconnosepickingplz::iconnotlisteningplz::iconinjuredplz::iconinsultedplz::iconitsfreezingplz::iconomgnoesplz::icononichewplz::icononigaspplz::icononionclub::icononionharpplz::icononionnouplz::icononionlovers::icononiontantrumplz::icononionwoeplz::icononionxdplz::icononistressplz::icononiskiplz::icononisquirtplz::iconorzplz::iconpetrifiedplz::iconpervplz::iconplanningplz::iconpunch1plz::iconpunch2plz::icononionraceplz::iconranranruuplz::iconrelievedplz::iconruncryplz::iconsaiyanplz::iconsayhiplz::iconscaredplz::iconscaredtodeathplz::iconsaunarelaxplz::iconiseeplz::iconsickplz::iconsighingplz::iconsmartyplz::iconsmokeplz::iconstressplz::iconstudytimeplz::iconsweatdropplz::iconvomitplz::iconvoodooplz::iconwarmandcomfyplz::iconwatchitplz::iconyesvictoryplz::iconshockplz::iconhandsomeonionplz::iconkyleoniplz::iconomgwtfbbqplz::iconsadnessplz::icononiwhistle::icontooloudplz::icondustingplz::iconthirstyplz::icononionaccidentplz::iconthreewishesplz::icononionbunnyplz::iconthnxsverymuch::icononisway::icononisleep::iconnownowplz::icononiononionplz::iconoohohoho::icononigirlbeg::iconsmokeplz::icononicheer::iconblooddeathplz::icononionsasoriplz::iconcreepyonionplz::icononionangelplz::icononionomfgplz::iconschoolplz::iconcuriosityplz::iconloveloveplz::iconshining-eyesplz::icononionpanicplz::iconannoyeddotdotdotplz::icononionfacepalmplz::iconsleepyonionplz::icononiondiplomaplz::iconimlyingplz::iconarigatouplz::icononionx3plz::icononionsoccer1plz::icononisoaked::icongameaddictplz::icononihauntyou::iconyellowcardplz2::icononiondesuplz::iconsuicideoniplz::iconwhipplz::icondizzyplz::iconhomelessonionplz::icononioncheerplz::iconredcardplz::iconteatimeplz::iconcanloveplz::iconexcitedblushplz::icononiontortureplz::iconrightyouareplz::icondingdingdingplz::iconsoccerrageplz::iconaboishappyplz::iconallaloneplz::icononimerrychristmas1::icononimerrychristmas2::icononimerrychristmas3::icononimerrychristmas4::iconsobeautifulplz::iconbadbowplz::iconaloneplz::iconrunrunrunplz::iconrejectedplz::iconcrycryplz:animaniacs photo: animaniacs animaniacssnes4fi.gifJessie by InvaderWakko Equestria Girls - Fluttershy idle by Botchan-MLP Princess Bubblegum Free icon! by DaniiuxChibi Peach animated avatar by SigurdHosenfeld
Sweet puppy by luisbcGatito by luisbcNice kitty by luisbcMeaw by luisbc
:iconpinkheart-plz: :iconpinkheart-plz: :iconpinkheart-plz: :iconpinkheart-plz: :iconpinkheart-plz:

For My Friend, Kaitlyn Bono. Who Idolizes Robin Williams. She's A HUGE Fan Of Robin.
-----> Robin Williams Stamp by Percyfan94

My Crush:
Me And :iconthistookonehour: LOVE Hermey!!! :D :heart::heart::heart:Hermey The Elf Stamp by SoraJayhawk77:heart::heart::heart:

Do I Like Fish And The Ocean? :icontotallyplz::iconsaysplz: TOTALLY! XD

:iconchocolate-fishplz::iconsaysplz: You Fish Have Chocolate?! Chocolate?! CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:iconchocolatefishplz::iconchocolate-fish2plz::iconchocolate-plz:

HOW ADORABLE!!!! ^^ ---> Adorable Louis Stamp! by xXCrossArrowXx:bunnyhugplz:

Happy Birthday Judy Garland by Rockport268 Donnie's Victory Dance by Mikichan17 Mondays by Davidgtza2…

Helllooooooooo DeviantArt Nurses That Look Alot Like Yakko! Did Ya Miss Me? I'm Jessie Warner! I Am The Oldest And Smartest Warner Of My Younger Warner Brother Ty (Even Though He Tries To Act Smarter Than Me.) Me And Ty LOVE Playing Video Games. I Have Long Blonde Hair In A Ponytail And Sometimes Down, Short Bangs That Go In A Straight Line Across My Forehead, Pink Glasses, A Pink Or Magenta Shirt, And Megenta Or Light Pink Pants. I'm 13 Years Old (And Always Will Be In Toon Years.) I Have A HUGE Crush On Yakko As Much As Laffy Does, But Im Shy Of Telling Him That I Have A Crush On Him And Sometimes I Act All Weird Around Him. Also Sometimes I Like Hanging Out With Him. Yakko Also Has A Crush On Me Too. To Attract Me, Yakko Sometimes Calls Me "Angel Face." Me And Yakko's Biggest Fear Is Baloney (The Dinosaor Who Wants To Hug Everyone Every Second.) I'm Really Beautiful, Nice, Sweet, Kind, Fun, Silly And Friendly. I Have A Little Temper, So I Can Be Tough If I Have Too, So If You Try To Mess With Me Or My Little Lovebug Yakko, You Will Get Crushed By The Most Painful Anvil Of Your Life! (FYI That Means You Judge Doom!) I'm Also Good At Singing. I Also Like To "Yak" Alot (Sometimes With Yakko) So Me And Yakko Can Pretty Much Talk Someones Ear Off. Yakko And I Sometimes Sing "The Nations Of The World" Song Verse To Verse And Sing It Even In Our Sleep! Both Me And Yakko Even Tried To Sing All The Words In The English Dictionary. We Succeded But Clapsed At The End. Then We Paid Dick Button A Visit By Putting Badgers In The Dressing Room After He Said "Stay Tuned To See Jessie And Yakko Sing All The Numbers Above Zero!" We Can Say Dot's Full Name Without Any Errors "Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Franchesca Bananafana Bobesca The Third". Im A Girly Girl Who LOVES The Color Pink, Too. I Have A Friend Named Katie Who Moved From Revere To California. We Go To The Warner Middle School Together. Katie And I Are Good At Math, Science, And French Classes. But Sometimes Katie Gets Herself Into Trouble. A Long Time Ago, Ralph Chased Me, Ty, Kaley Yakko, Wakko, And Dot Because We Ran Around Crazy On The Warner Movie Lot. Ralph Finally Got Me, Ty, Kaley, Yakko, Wakko, And Dot And Locked Us Up In The Water Tower And We Didn't Escape Until August 4th, 2013. Ralph Still Chases Us Sometimes. I Get Jealous If Yakko Says Helooooo Nurse" Or If Yakko Sees Hello Nurse Or Uhhhhh Any Type Of Girl He Sees. Im Good At Table Tennis, Holding Two Paddle Balls At Once, Anvil Dropping, And Me And Yakko Can Trick People Into Doing What We Want. Also, Our Mother Is OswaldAF. Me And Yumi Got Adopted By Her, So Now We Live With The Warners. Goodnight Everybody!

:bulletpink: Abilities: Well, I'm A Ace At The Paddle Ball.

:bulletpink: Personality: I'm A Sweet, Kind, Warner But If You Dare To Mess With Me Or My Lovebug, Yakko, I'll Get Ugly.

:bulletpink: Height: I'm One Inch Shorter Than Yakko.

:bulletpink: Species: I'm A Toon And A Warner.

:bulletpink: Habits: I Like Taking Off My Glasses Alot.

:bulletpink: Where I'm Living: The Water Tower!

:bulletpink: Who's My Crush? Yakko Warner!

:bulletpink: Likes: Being Zany, Hanging With Yakko, My Lovebug, Wakko, And Dot!

:bulletpink: Dislikes: Judge Doom, Baloney, People Getting Hurt, Bugs, People Violence, Animal Violence Violence In Movies And Shows, Violence In General

Congratulations, your soulmate is Yakko, the taller and more verbally-minded of the Warner Brothers! Talkative as heck, Yakko fully understands that words are an extremely powerful weapon, capable of achieving everything from warding off a deserving adversary through endless bombardment, to making a simple geography lesson delightful and fun!

(Please Guys Listen, I'm Not Trying To Be A Crazy Yakko Fangirl But Still I'm Sorry If I Was Acting Like One. No Swearing, Bad Words, Usernames With The F Word Or Any Swears In The Username Or Bad Comments On My Page Or You WILL Be Blocked.)

:iconpinkheart-plz: :iconpinkheart-plz::iconpinkheart-plz::iconpinkheart-plz::iconpinkheart-plz:

Some Of My Quotes
"Goodnight Everybody!"
"Uhhhhhhhhh.... A Little Help."
"Helllllooooo Yakko!"
"Goodbye Yakko!"
"Goodnight Yakko!"
"I LOVE Pink!"
"Dumber Than Advertised"
"Helllloooooooo Nurse!"

Heres My Own Version Of The Animaniacs Theme! (Some Lyrics By Jessie Warner.)
:music: It's Time For Animaniacs!
And Were Zany To The Max!
So Just Sit Back And Relax You'll Laugh Ti'll You Collapse, Were Animaniacs!
Come Join The Warner Sister And Her Warner Brother Ty!
Just For Fun We Run Around The Warner Movie Lot,
They Lock Us In The Tower Whenever We Get Caught,
But We Break Loose And Then Vamoose And Now You Know The Plot!
Were Animaniacs, Kaley's Cute And Jessie Yaks! Ty
Packs Away The Snacks While Bill Clinton Plays The Sax,
Were Animaniacs!
Meet Pinky And The Brain Who Wants To Rule The Universe, Goodfeathers Flock
Together Slappy Wacks Them With Her Purse!
Buttons Chases Mindy, While Rita Sings A Verse!
The Writers Flipped We Have No Script Why Bother To Rehearse?
Were Animaniacs! We Have Pay Or Play Contracts! Were Zany
To The Max Theres Baloney In Our Sacks! (Wait What? Baloney? Nooooooo! :nuu:)
Were Animani- Totally Insane-y
Uhhhhhhhhhhh..... Animaniacs, Those Are The Facts! :music:

I'm 13 Years Old STAMP by FJLink
Pokeball stamp by Leafbreeze7

I love Pink stamp by Oashi

I love Pink by D-g-A

Stamp: Pink Power by Princesstekki

I Support Pink by call-me-in-love

Think Pink by aS-tOld-bY-IvOnNe

I Love Pink Stamp by ambereyes513

I Love Pink and Sparkly Art by JunkbyJen

Princess Stamp by Mel-Rosey

Believe in Pink stamp by Mel-Rosey

Pink and Girly Stamp by mfcreative

pink stamp by ftourini
Disney stamp by Toxicated-kisame52YouTube is a video site... by JigglyPuffGirlGood Girls are best by Suika-SohmaStamp - Best brother by…:

My FAVORITE CHIPETTE! ---> :thumb270754426:

AlvinXBrittany FOREVER! :thumb269583945:

RP Accounts! ^^

:iconanycartoonrp-mikuru: Mikuru Is My Favorite "The Melencholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya" Character! :D

My Favorite "Lucky Star Character! ---> :iconmiyukiplz:

My Favorite Ninja Turtle!


I Love Donatello by YAYProductions

<3 Donatello :icontoothgap-ninja::icona-way-with-machines::iconanycarrp-donatello:: He's The Most Sweetest, Kind, Nicest, And MOST ADORABLE Turtle A Girl Like Me Could Ever Have As A Friend And Could Ever Meet! I <3 Him! :3 ^U^

:icon2k3donplz::iconpuhleasedonnieplz: :icondonnietotplz: :iconna-donblushplz: :icondonplz: :iconladonatelloplz: The Many Traits and Personalities of Donatello by Theresmorethanme Donatello Gif by Theresmorethanme MY FIRST COLLAGE!!! by Ninja-FormersJunkie Cute Donnie by segasonamy4ever For PrincessPeachFan100 by Ninja-FormersJunkie Donatello 2012 stamp by SA948-Stamps donatello stamp by ATANER11 TMNT: 2k12 Fan Stamp - Donnie by Succubii donnie stamp by ATANER11 donnie love -stamp- by ATANER11 I Love Donnie: Round Stamp by KawaiiKittee88Donnie's Fangirls by YAYProductionsFor Donnie by YAYProductions

APRILTELLO FOREVER!!! <3 I ship Apriltello! by kensingtonarts101YES! FINALLY!! by GingerClaws :thumb415545508: Donnie and April by Ihlosih TMNT-DonniexApril Stamp by FlashyFashionFraud
Stamp - Donatello X April by DemonessHikari <3

CASEY JONES AND CAPRIL HATER! Sorry, Capril Fans. :( Anti-Casey Jones Stamp by AllytheWolffy98 Anti-Capril Stamp by AllytheWolffy98

(Jessie Is Actually Me In Warnerized And Animaniacs Form. XD I Actually Have A HUGE Crush On Yakko In Real Life Like My OC Does. I Roleplay As Her.)
:iconpinkheart-plz: My Family :iconpinkheart-plz:
:heart::heart::heart: Boyfriend: Yakko Warner :iconyakkowarnerrp:: It's Mr. United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama! XD He's My Sweety Pie And He's My Little Lovebug. I Have A HUGE Crush On Him Like I Said In My Bio And He Really Likes Me And I Like Him Back! He Calls Me Angel Face And He Says We Are A Match From Heaven! He's Also My Toon Boyfriend! :blush: Helllooooo Yakko! :3 :heart::heart::heart:

Step Brother: Wakko Warner :iconwakkowarnerrp2:: He's My Younger Brother. FABOO! Me And Him Like Being Zany And Remmy And Him Are Lovebirds, But Remember, Get Him Mad And IT'S MALLET TIME! XD

Step Sister: Dot Warner :icondotwarnerrp2:: She's My Younger Sister And She's The Cute One! But Remember, Call Her Dottie, And YOU DIE!!!

Mother: OswaldAF :iconoswaldaf:: Me And The Warners Mother. We Love Her Very Much!

Older Sister: Yumi :iconcreativehedgie295:: Me And Her Got Adopted To OswaldAF. We LOVE Living With The Warners!

Uncle: Mars :iconanycartoonoc-mars:: He's Me And The Warner's Uncle!

Older Brother: Daniel :icondanielwarner:: He's Me And Yakko's Older Brother!

Little Brother: Yappy :iconyappywarner: My Little Brother. He Can Get Into Mischief, But He's Still Adorable And Fun To Play With! :3

:heart: My Animaniacs/Warnerized Friends :heart:

Remmy :iconinvaderwakko:: She Is Wakko's "Lady Bird" (As What Yakko Said To Her.) :)

Ema :iconemaberry:: She's Very Kind And A Nice Friend To Talk To. :)

Laffy :icontoonydream:: We Are Both HUGE Yakko Freaks! Were Also HUGE And I Mean HUGE Yakko Fangirls!

Cherry: :icon17cherry:: She's In Love With Yakko Like I Am And We're Good Friends. :)

Alicia: :iconaliciawarner:: She Likes Yakko Also And We're Also Good Friends. :)

Daela: :icondaelawarner:: My New Best Friend! :D She LOVES Yakko Like Me! :D

The Brain: :iconthebrainplz:: He Wants To Take Over The World!

Pinky: :iconpinkymouseplz:: Narf! That Is All.


:iconprincesspeachfan100: X :iconyakkowarnerrp: "Lovebirds"

:iconinvaderwakko: X :iconwakkowarnerrp2: "Lovebirds"

:iconthatcanucktoonnerd: X :icondotwarnerrp2: "Lovebirds"

:heart: My Nintendo Friends :heart:

Princess Peach: :iconin--another--castle: I'm Her Biggest Fan!

Princess Daisy: :iconprincessdaisy68: The Princess Of Sarsaland I'm Good Friends With Her! :)


Baloney :iconbaloneyplz:: Me And Yakko's (And Actualy All Of Us Warner's) Worst Nightmare! :nuu:

Doom :iconanymovierp-doom:: If He Even Tries To Mess With My Lovebug, Yakko Again, I Will Drop A Anvil On His Head And It Will Hurt BIG TIME! XD


:heart: Yakko Rules!!! Yakko's Adorable! :heart:

:thumb446994640:Official Yakko Fan Stamp by DaelawarnerYakko stamp for daelawarner by hockeyplayer97Yakko fan by tetsuwanatomYakko Warner Stamp by Tiny-Toons-Fan I Love Yakko Stamp by CaptianAwesomeYakko is awesome stamp by warnergirlYakko Stamp by tetsuwanatomYakko Warner Fan by tetsuwanatom Ehhh... Stamp by CaptianAwesome
Hello Nurse by renatalmar Stamp collection by MeglifKaddy Devious Yakko Stamp by Twizzle-Cayline Yakko NOT stamp by Twizzle-Cayline :iconyakkoplz: :iconmiserableplz: :icongrowlplz::iconyakkodanceplz::iconomgyayyplz::iconyakkowarnerplz:Yakko's World Stamp by Crimsongypsy1313 .:Nations Stamp:. by 221bee Old School stamp by SweetieTheSquirrel Troll Yakko Stamp by Twizzle-Cayline How dooo you do stamp by Twizzle-CaylinePouting Yakko Stamp by Twizzle-Cayline Yakko OBJECTS stamp by Twizzle-Cayline Chainsaw Yakko stamp by Twizzle-Cayline I Love Yakko Stamp by sopranomonroe

Here Are Pictures Of Me And Yakko!
Jessie's Lovebug~ by Emaberry :thumb411651671: Jessie and Yakko by Bethanymbell :thumb404463925: Jesse and Yakko by 17cherry Drawing for PrincessPeachFan100 by In--Another--Castle :thumb391236555: JessiexYakko by InvaderWakko Jessie sprite by InvaderWakko

Animaniacs Is THE BEST SHOW EVER! AnimaniacsOCcuteness member by Angi-Shy
:thumb192879691: Animaniacs Stamp by Tiny-Toons-Fan Animaniacs by phantom Animaniacs Stamp by Tiny-Toons-Fan Animaniacs stamp by ChiboaTheRat
Animaniacs by Starburst27 Support Warner siblings stamp by Angi-Shy Animaniac's Stamp by maniacthelunatic Warner trio stamp by CillaIsInTheSellar

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Talkative, huh? Perhaps sing-ative would be more appropriate, actually. When people don't understand something, it usually drives you to cutting, sarcastic remarks. Your other extreme is bursting into song with almost no prompting, often to explain complex ideas. No one knows quite what you are, exactly. You have made many "special" friends, and there's baloney in your slacks.

Click here to see my Livejournal.


YOU'RE DONATELLO! TMNT Donatello Detail by tamalero

Like Donatello, you are a brilliant inventor. You may not make all of the Turtles' gadgets, weapons, and vehicles, like he does, but you've got the brains for it! But sometimes you and Donnie are too smart for your own good, like when you're too busy admiring an enemy's futuristic laser cannon to run for your lives. But when it comes down to it, it's other people's lives that really keep your head in a mission. You fight with your heart, and that makes you a very powerful warrior.…

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You Are Dorothy!Ariel as Dorothy by theghostlyartist
You are a little lost right now, but you are slowly finding your way home.
You are a kind and loyal person. You are the truest friend anyone could ever have.
You have an active imagination, and you are intrigued by far away places. You make friends easily.
But at the end of the day, there is no place like home. You value your family and roots.

[… Wizard of Oz Character Are You?[/url]

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Which Disney Fairy Are You?
Which Disney Fairy Are You?
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Judy Garland And Rob Paulsen Are My Idols! Judy Garland by Linnea-Rose

Born Frances Gumm, Judy Garland was raised in entertainment, performing in vaudeville with her two sisters in Minnesota. After her family moved to California, Garland changed her name and eventually signed with MGM. Though the studio did not know what to do with the awkward girl at first, they soon found a place for her as Dorothy Gale, making her MGM’s biggest female star. While she went on to command stages and screens worldwide, she was immortalized for her starring role in Oz.

Pink Square Bullet by Kawiku
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